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Peter Lees – efficient eco-friendly design for straw bale, earth, masonry and timber
Green Point Design (Vic) – solar architecture
Graeme North (NZ) – earth, solar and environmental building design
Bohdan Dorniak & Co. (SA) – environmentally sustainable, energy efficient design
Belgraphik Building Design (Vic) – alternative design specialists
studioGreen (Qld) – boutique firm offering a holistic design service
Brad Hooper (Vic) – Architect
Terra Prima Sustainable Designs (NSW) – drafting service
Board of Professional Engineers Queensland – professional engineering services
BSE Consulting – structural engineering services for owner builders
MKC Building Design & Drafting – sustainable, efficient, comfortable home designs
Cost Planning Professionals – Construction estimates and quantity surveying services

EBAA (AUS) – Earth Building Association of Australia
EBANZ (NZ) – Earth Building Association of New Zealand
The Mud Brick Circus (Vic) – Strong, durable, handmade mud bricks
Nillumbik Mudbrick Association (Vic) – Promote the mud brick building industry
The Mud Home (online) – Build a mud house
RammedEarth.House – Hands-on rammed earth workshops

AUSBALE (AUS) – the Australasian Straw Bale Building Association
House of Bales (SA) – experienced straw bale builder
Strawbale Rendering (Vic) – straw bale rendering
The Last Straw – international straw bale journal
Hay and Straw (Vic) – construction grade oaten and wheaten straw bales
Straw Bale Building (Vic) – training consultants for straw bale construction (NSW) – high quality rice straw in small bales
SO’R Construction (Vic) – experienced sustainable builder (Geelong region)
Strawtegic Concepts (WA) – straw bale building
Viva Living Homes (NSW) – Super Natural. Super Green. Super Performance.

Timber Frames of Australia (SA) – wooden mortice and tenon frames
Lucas Mill (AUS) – portable sawmills
LBANZ (NZ) – Log Builders’ Association of New Zealand
The Green Mill (NSW) – recycled timber and hardwood flooring
Traditional Timber Frames (NSW) – mortice and tenon timber frames
CERES Fair Wood – sourcing timbers that support reforestation, not deforestation.
Recycled Timber Discounters – Hardwood – Oregon – Cypress

Livos – Ecological paints and oils
Tech-Dry (Vic) – earth building protection products
G&G Gutter Brackets (NSW) – gutter brackets for roof iron sheeting
Underfloor Insulation by EcoMaster – DIY polyester insulation
Solomit (Vic) – strawboard and brush panels
EcoMaster – draught dogdgers for doors and windows

Renew – expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions
Rainbow Power Company (NSW) – renewable energy systems
All Energy Solutions – transition to a low carbon future

ACS Distance Education (Qld) – 400+ high quality courses
The Food Forest – Permaculture Farm and Learning Centre (SA)
Absolute Owner Builder (NSW & ACT) – online owner builder course NSW
Absolute Education (Qld) – online owner builder course Qld
Australian Rural Education Centre (NSW) – straw bale building course
LearnHowTo – Hundreds of courses for a flat monthly fee
Skillbuild Training – training courses across Australia.

Effective Thermal Solutions – bushfire assessments and energy ratings
Build Your Own House – ultimate website for owner builders
Green Books – Environmental publishers for over 21 years
Woodslane – Wholesaler and distributor, including Green Books publications
Coverforce AllRisk – owner builder insurance
Australian Koala Foundation – help build them a safer future

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