One week at a time…

Yes, I know I said I’d update weekly! So what has been happening?

Having put our house on the market, we decided it was prudent to get the garage built ASAP, so we will have storage if the house goes quickly (fingers crossed).

After finding it increasingly frustrating to find trades a) bothered to get back to me with quotes and b) willing to work with an owner builder, I decided to take the easy way out … and take on ‘Lucky the Builder’ to do the job of getting the garage to lock up!

It feels a little as if I have fallen before the first hurdle, but it does make sense.

At the moment, we are seriously time poor. We need to have somewhere secure on site for storage of all the bits and pieces that are slowly accumulating (kitchen sink and waste system, insulation, cement, tiles, recycled timber, etc). I also need somewhere that I can set up a temporary office, as I will need to carry on working on the magazine while managing the build and therefore being on site. So, by paying a little extra to get the structural work done, this means I will have a storage cum work area within 4 weeks.

I will then be able to concentrate fully on the building of the house, and be able to take a more active role in the day to day running of the project. Bring it on!

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