Standard contracts

Dai asks: 

I am going to build my house and do it as an owner builder.  I would like to employ project management services from a registered builder.  Could you please advise where I can get:

1. Standard project management contract

2. Construction contract – As I would like to sign contracts with contractors who provide major works such as plumbing, carpentry, electric, etc.

You have not said which state you are building in, so I will give you some general information.

The best start point is the authority in your area that deals with owner builders. If you look on our Extracts section on the website (, the various states owner builder regulation information is available. This should provide you with some contacts.

It may also be worth approaching your local council, as well as the Master Builders Association in your state (

In NSW, standard contracts are available to purchase from the Office of Fair Trading (

There is a nationwide  specification available to purchase, which is developed in line with the Building Code of Australia, from NATSPEC (

You could also have a look at the Housing Industry Association (


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