1. There was nowhere near enough written about this topic which was such a disappointment. It was headed under a section called Portable Accommodation which is so misleading given the tiny homes we have seen in Australia which are fixed. You had the opportunity to educate your readers about this fascinating movement but instead you left us wanting.


  2. Thank you for your feedback Leah.
    In essence, much of the ‘Tiny Homes’ movement is focussed on small homes that are portable (i.e. do not need the purchase of land to be a viable living alternative). It is not yet ‘big’ in Australia and it was nice to be able to provide at least one Australian example.
    We feature small homes in the magazine regularly, without having to tag them with the ‘Tiny Homes’ tag, so I’m sure you will find many other examples of ‘fixed’ small homes that will help with your own education of the subject.
    As a small independent publication (with only one full time staff member and a few part timers) we are very reliant on readers letting us know what they are up to or pointing us towards projects of interest. As much as I’d love to, I just do not have the time or resources to travel the country sourcing projects myself. Please let us know if you are aware of any owner builder projects that would be suitable for featuring.

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