TOB 218 Jun-Aug 2020

Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.’ – Douglas Adams

TOB 218 Jun-Aug 2020 available to view online

By far the most difficult decision I had to make was whether or not to go ahead with this issue. Like any small business, even the smallest downturn in sales has a huge knock-on effect. As I don’t want to skip an issue entirely, I made the decision to publish this issue in a digital-only format. It has all the same great content as the print version, with the full 116 pages and an absolute ripper of a collaboration with Ausbale, the Australasian Straw Bale Building Association.

Hard copy back issues a thing of the past. The plan is for the magazine to still be printed in hard copy from next issue. However, there will no longer be any hard copy versions of back issues available. All are still available as digital PDF versions – just remember to provide your email address when ordering.

All hard copy subscriptions now include the digital PDF version as a special bonus. If you are a regular reader and enjoy the content provided, please consider taking out a subscription. Thank you.

TOB 218 Digital-Only
TOB 218 June-August 2020, in a digital-only format.

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