TOB 220 Dec 2020-Feb 2021

‘If you are asked to build a castle, don’t build it out of sand by the ocean,
don’t build it out of ice in the middle of summer. Build it with the best materials,
with the best design, and with the intention to make it last the passing of time.
That castle ought to be your legacy.’
F.A. Barillas

Real stories about real owner builders
Owner builders are building a legacy. Their projects are rarely short term, profit driven efforts; usually they are ‘in it for the long haul’. The latest issue includes three articles that could be classed as ‘legacy’ projects, with the owner builders sharing the building of their homes over 20 years ago, in which they still live. On sale nationwide from 1 December 2020.

Hard copy back issues a thing of the past. The magazine will still be printed in hard copy each issue, and be available in that format through newsagents and to subscribers who are current at posting date. However, there will no longer be any hard copy versions of back issues available. All are still available as digital PDF versions – just remember to provide your email address when ordering.

The Owner Builder is an independent magazine, published and printed in Australia for nearly 40 years. I’d love to keep this print tradition going. If you are a regular reader and enjoy the content provided, please consider taking out a subscription. Thank you.

Heavy timber frame with mud bricks and recycled materials.


  1. Lynda, I have placed this promo for you in the December issue of my newsletter, Bobbing Around, due out on 1/12/20:

    Owner Builder magazine
    When I was a busy mudsmith, OB was one of the magazines I wrote for. Amazingly, it is still in print after over 40 years, and full of good stuff each issue.

    Electronic copies are available to anyone, anywhere. You can subscribe for the print issue, or buy it from newsagents in Australia.

    If you like to use your hands to create useful objects of beauty people can live in, you can’t go past the OB for inspiration and ideas.

    Here is the latest issue.

    If you email me privately, I can put you on the distribution list.

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