January to March 2011

Finally moved in at the end of March 2011. This is a summary of the last few months – details to follow.

See The Owner Builder 164 April/May 2011 and The Owner Builder 165 June/July 2011
for more information on these stages.

TOB 164 April/May 2011 Building Diary

TOB 165 June/July 2011 Building Diary


  1. Hi, I’m Karen, We are just about to embark on our own adventure of building our house and it was fantastic to read your articles. I borrowed a copy of OB163 from the library and got excited when I saw you had included a budget. I had to back order some copies of previous issues to follow your progress, and your budget, up to that point and then I discovered the website. I love that your budget is detailed enough that I can follow when the deposit for your kitchen was needed as well as the total you paid etc.

    My husband, Paul, did a straw bale workshop 6 months ago and every night I waited to see the footage he had taken on our camera and ask the huge number of questions I had waiting for him. It was then I realized the house I had designed was going to be far more complicated to build than first thought. I have been reading The Owner Builder for a few years now and have a head full of brilliant ideas of which to construct a house. …as for the practicalities of using those ideas… Paul has some drafting experience so the design and drafting has been up to us. Now we need to hand our baby over to others… there goes the bank account. It becomes a bit worrying when the engineer you have hired says it’s one of the most complicated houses he has ever done. How much will this creation cost???

    Thanks for the fabulous work you do at The Owner Builder. I think you are singlehandedly spreading straw bale houses over Australia. We were talking to the farmer who will be supplying us with our straw and we are the fifth house he will be doing this season so far.

  2. Hi Karen
    Sounds like a fantastic project though! I must admit that I was glad when it was finally over, but I really enjoyed the challenge of every single minute. And, yes, I would do it again.
    We would love to hear all about your project as it progresses too. Send me an email to info@theownerbuilder.com.au and I will reply with contributor guidelines and information.

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