Photo Summary

This is a short pictorial summary of the build.

1. Floor structure going down

Brick piers, hardwood bearers and joists.

Floor structure

2.  Frames going up

Untreated pine, LVL beams, reclaimed ironbark internal posts.

3. Cladding completed

Western red cedar, Colorbond

4. Internal fitout

Electrical, insulation, plasterboard, painting, timber flooring.

5. Nearly ready…

6. Maze of underfloor plumbing – to and from water tanks

A total of six downpipes route rainwater to 3 x 2000-litre tanks. Each downpipe has a first flush device. Watertank overflow is diverted to an onsite absorption pit.

7. Ready to move in

Looking good, and ready for furniture.

8. Moved in!

Once the landscaping and fencing are completed, I’ll update again.


  1. house looks amazing Lynda – hope it’s yours??

    a project to be very proud of – well done.

    • Yes Carol, it is ours! We’ve been in since April 2011, and we are very happy with how it has turned out. Some landscaping still to be done, as well as curtains and blinds to be installed, but they will happen as I find the right bits and pieces.

    • Hi Kellie – thanks, I like it!
      No, it was not a kit home – our own design. I project managed the job and used various sub contractors. It was a great experience – if you follow the links through to the PDF’s on the previous posts, you’ll get more details.

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