Criteria for the selection of land

I am looking for information on selecting a block of land. Do you have any suggestions?

You need to make a list of all those factors that are important to you, and then use that list when viewing potential land. These will also vary greatly depending on whether you are buying rural acreage or a suburban block.

Some of the criteria other owner builders have had include:

▪    For possible resale one day, in an area that would inevitably improve in value

▪    Grandchildren would visit more often if the family home was at the beach instead of in the hills, so as a long-term investment in family life that meant coastal land

▪    Buying land they could afford without having to take out a mortgage

▪    Less than 30 minutes from a major centre

▪    Having access to a school bus

▪    Topographic maps to confirm that they could build a passive solar house

▪    No more than 10 acres (4 ha)

▪    Must have a sense of vista

▪    Should be mostly bush but with a smallish north facing cleared area for garden development

▪    There should be potential for a water supply

▪    The area needed to have an agreeable climate

‘Buying your bush block’, by Allan Windust, ISBN 064306706X (out of print) may be useful if you can track down a copy – perhaps at your local library reference section.

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